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*4.6.1* - 23.09.2017
* Fixed a bug when calling Tipped.init() after Tipped.delegate() [marcinz]
*4.6.0* - 10.01.2017
* Tooltip content now uses box-sizing: border-box by default,
  this makes it play nicer with frameworks like Bootstrap.

  Note: This will affect tooltip layouts that rely on box-sizing: content-box.
  Use the following to keep the old behavior while moving to border-box:

  .tpd-content, .tpd-title {
    box-sizing: content-box !important;

* Dropped support for IE < 9.
*4.5.7* - 05.05.2016
* Fixed a bug in Tipped.get(element).remove() caused by changes to 
  tooltip collections in 4.5.6 [Sheen]
*4.5.6* - 08.04.2016
* Fixed a bug with tooltip collections that allowed them to affect each other,
  causing unexpected behavior when using them on the same elements [phakedoctor]

* Better handling of the `method` option on ajax requests, we now convert it to 
  `type` internally to work with jQuery < 1.9.

* Fixed tooltips with hideAfter not hiding if you moused out of them quickly 
  during animation.
*4.5.5* - 22.02.2016
* Upgraded jQuery to 1.12.1 to fix some positioning issues in Internet Explorer.
*4.5.4* - 22.01.2016
* Fixed an issue when calling Tipped.remove() on nested tooltips [phakedoctor]
*4.5.3* - 09.01.2016
* Updated jQuery to 1.12.0.
*4.5.2* - 06.12.2015
* Implemented a better workaround for iOS requiring links to be tapped twice.

  This time around we no longer modify events but guess the users intent
  based on time between touch and mouse events, blocking mouseleave 
  on the target element whenever it shouldn't be firing. This should fix
  the double-tap issue while still allowing text selection in the tooltip.
*4.5.1* - 05.12.2015
* Reverted the iOS double-click workaround implemented in 4.5.0 because it would 
  close certain tooltips on tap, making them inaccessible. More research 
  is needed to look for a proper solution to this.
*4.5.0* - 05.12.2015
* Fixed issues with links inside tooltips requiring two clicks to open on iOS.
  The latest iOS versions treat mouseenter events like a :hover state, which 
  creates issues with links requiring two clicks to open. Something you'll also 
  see when toggling a background-color on :hover, mouseenter gives the same issue 
  in Javascript. To fix this we change `mouseenter` events on the tooltip to 
  `touchstart` under the hood. [delpino]

* Fixed an issue with hideOnClickOutside only working with touch on devices 
  that support both touch and mouse inputs.