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*4.4.2* - 20.08.2015
* Switched to a UMD wrapper to add Node/CommonJS support.
  Previous versions only used AMD and globals.
*4.4.1* - 15.07.2015
* Fixed a bug introduced in 4.4.0 that caused Tipped.refresh() to not update tooltip 
  dimensions in most cases [oppo]
*4.4.0* - 12.07.2015
  NOTE: This release has some breaking changes!
  Ajax caching, Ajax based tooltips with custom content and Function based tooltips 
  will not be backwards compatible. This was necessary to overcome some limitations.
  Minor adjustments will have to be made to your code moving forward,
  more on this below and in the documentation.

* Ajax tooltips no longer overwrite the `this` value in success, error and complete 
  callbacks. This breaks this.update() in those callbacks. Use return instead:

  // pre 4.4
  success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
    this.update(data.content + " modified!");

  // 4.4
  success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
    return data.content + " modified!";

  This allows a different context to be bound to the callback function as `this`
  is no longer reserved by Tipped:

  // pre 4.4
  var that = this;
  success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
    this.update(jqXHR.responseText + that.myFunction());

  // 4.4
  success: $.proxy(function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
    return jqXHR.responseText + this.myFunction();
  }, this)

* Ajax tooltips no longer have a cache option within the ajax object.
  A cache option has been added that works with Ajax and Function based tooltips.

  // pre 4.4
  ajax: { url: 'example.php', cache: false }

  // 4.4
  ajax: { url: 'example.php' },
  cache: false

  This was changed because cache is already an option within jQuery.ajax, 
  we shouldn't overwrite it.

* Tooltips with a function as content no longer overwrite the `this` value within
  the function, this breaks those tooltips! The first argument of the function
  will now provide you with an element instead of `this`:

  // pre 4.4
  Tipped.create('#function', function() {
    return "<strong>" + $(this).data('content') + "<\/strong>";

  // 4.4
  Tipped.create('#function', function(element) {
    return "<strong>" + $(element).data('content') + "<\/strong>";

  As with the Ajax changes, this was done to allow a different `this` context 
  to be bound to the function.

-- That's it as far as breaking changes go --

* Greatly improved the speed of tooltips that follow the mouse.

* Fixed issues with vertical gaps in the tooltip in IE and possibly other browsers 
  at certain floating point dimensions. The tooltip background is no longer chopped 
  up along the entire background multiple times, instead we only have a different 
  layer along the edge of the border that touches the stem. If a browser shows 
  rounding issues from this point on it'll only show them along the edge of 
  the stem [KSA_MissionCtrl]

* The new cache option can also be used with function based tooltips. Setting 
  cache:false updates the tooltip with the return value each time it's shown

* Responsive tooltips following the mouse will no longer resize as the mouse moves,
  they're now aware of how much space they can work with and will resize to avoid
  repositioning and further resizing. This avoids having to repaint backgrounds,
  speeding things up.

* Added Tipped.Behaviors, it contains the grouped tooltip options used with the 
  behavior option. Custom grouped options can be added by extending Tipped.Behaviors.
  Documentation has been updated to cover this.

* Changed Skin documentation to show best practices on using Tipped.Behaviors.

* Tweaked behavior:'mouse' (Tipped.Behaviors.mouse) to show and hide tooltips faster.

* Updated Skins with different spinner dimensions. Making sure spinners never have 
  more height than a single line of text in the tooltip, this avoids visible
  jumps in height when switching from spinner to content.

* Changed Skins to have a spinner width that doesn't cause a jump of the stem when
  switching from spinner to content using position:'topleft', this takes into
  account a possible increase of borders to 5px.

* Stems will no longer become smaller if the content of a tooltip isn't large enough,
  the tooltip will now get a minimum width or height to match the stem. This avoids
  unnecessary repaints as a tooltip is resizing.

* A large rewrite of the Skin class to avoid repaints, moved a lot of work to CSS.

* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect dimensions after quickly calling 
  Tipped.refresh() multiple times on the same element.

* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect dimensions on tooltips that require loading
  after quickly toggling them.

* Fixed a bug with the container option in IE < 9.

* Fixed a bug with tooltips containing images not getting proper dimensions after 
  clearing ajax cache.
*4.3.0* - 09.06.2015
  NOTE: This release is not backwards compatible when using custom skins 
  because of CSS updates. Tipped.refresh() now works differently when tooltips 
  contain images (more on this in the log).

* Updated the CSS spinner to have a cleaner animation. Added spinner 
  colors for each skin.

* Tipped.refresh() will no longer update dimensions instantly if a tooltip 
  contains images that haven't been fully rendered yet. It will now show a 
  spinner as it waits for these images to load. This will give proper
  dimensions after adding or updating images [d0tn3tt0m]

* Voila is no longer exposed globally, a custom build of 1.3.1 is now included
  for internal use only. This also makes sure that images render completely
  before a tooltip shows up.

* Reworked dimension code to keep tooltips at their original size when 
  Tipped.refresh() is showing a spinner as it wait for images to load.

* Calling Tipped.refresh() without parameters will now refresh all visible tooltips.

* Updated links to be underlined by default to make them more noticeable.
  When updating this might cause links in your HTML to become underlined,
  use text-decoration:none on them to avoid this.

* Updated link colors including :hover states.
*4.2.10* - 30.05.2015
* Fixed a parsing issue introduced in 4.2.9

* Added support for documentFragments and textNodes.
*4.2.9* - 27.05.2015
* Fixed a potentional vulnerability [Patrick Kelley]
*4.2.8* - 08.04.2015
* Fixed incorrect viewport calculation for Firefox on Android that could prevent
  tooltips from repositioning when they should.
*4.2.7* - 01.04.2015
* Fixed a rendering bug that could cause a 1px gap in the border on the line with 
  the stem depending on the scale factor of the browser. CSS has been updated to 
  address this.

* More optimizations to deal with cross-browser differences in subpixel rendering 
  when scaling.
*4.2.6* - 01.04.2015
* Fixed a bug that could cause incomplete borders when the page is zoomed in or scaled

  Note: IE can have rendering problems at certain zoom levels because its subpixel-
  precision isn't as high as other browsers yet, creating visible rounding issues:

* Fixed examples to remove the imagesloaded javascript file that was no longer used
  and updated jQuery to 1.11.2
*4.2.5* - 22.02.2015
* Fixed Tipped.delegate() not removing the native title tooltip fast enough when 
  delegating on click. It was removed after the click, it's now removed on the 
  first mouseenter.

* Clicks on the close button and elements with the class 'close-tooltip' will no
  longer bubble up to the document [mmakundi]