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These are the latest changelog entries, click here for the complete changelog.

*4.6.1* - 23.09.2017
* Fixed a bug when calling Tipped.init() after Tipped.delegate() [marcinz]
*4.6.0* - 10.01.2017
* Tooltip content now uses box-sizing: border-box by default,
  this makes it play nicer with frameworks like Bootstrap.

  Note: This will affect tooltip layouts that rely on box-sizing: content-box.
  Use the following to keep the old behavior while moving to border-box:

  .tpd-content, .tpd-title {
    box-sizing: content-box !important;

* Dropped support for IE < 9.
*4.5.7* - 05.05.2016
* Fixed a bug in Tipped.get(element).remove() caused by changes to 
  tooltip collections in 4.5.6 [Sheen]
*4.5.6* - 08.04.2016
* Fixed a bug with tooltip collections that allowed them to affect each other,
  causing unexpected behavior when using them on the same elements [phakedoctor]

* Better handling of the `method` option on ajax requests, we now convert it to 
  `type` internally to work with jQuery < 1.9.

* Fixed tooltips with hideAfter not hiding if you moused out of them quickly 
  during animation.
*4.5.5* - 22.02.2016
* Upgraded jQuery to 1.12.1 to fix some positioning issues in Internet Explorer.