Tipped provides a number of callbacks that can be used alongside other Options.

  • afterHide

    A function to call after the tooltip is fully hidden.

    afterHide: function(content, element) {
      console.log('Hidden tooltip for:', element);
  • afterUpdate

    A function to call after the content of the tooltip updates. The first argument will be the element containing the content of the tooltip, the second argument the element that triggered the tooltip.

    afterUpdate: function(content, element) {
      $(content).css({ background: 'red' });
      $(element).css({ background: 'green' });
    = Note: When using ajax afterUpdate can be used as a reliable callback for when the tooltip finished updating, the ajax success callback shouldn't be used for this.
  • onShow

    A function to call when the tooltip shows up.

    onShow: function(content, element) {
      console.log('Showing the tooltip for:', element);
    = Note: This callback happens after the afterUpdate callback.